Tejasva Malhotra 18 Year Old Innovator From India

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Tejasva Malhotra , 18 years old innovator From India , currently studying in Charterhouse, Surrey, UK.he was sponsored by an individual to this school 2 years ago to follow his  dreams. He recently got an offer from the Imperial College, London to pursue a master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering. In school,he studied Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Design & Technology.


His  interest in aviation started very early, watching his  father flying aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulators as a hobby. Today,he is studying  the wonders of flight in his  spare time , using different books and websites.


Currently, he is looking at scholarships for his  university life at Imperial. Unfortunately,he is unable to find any that are suitable for him. Most scholarships are for the UK and EU students only. In India and UK, there are scholarships for other universities, or are only valid for post graduate study, or have sohim other criteria in which he do not fit.


His  aim, is to be an Aeronautical Engineer. he   keen to know how things fly, how they work, the designs used etc. As an aeronautical engineer, he want to make an eco-friendly aircraft with clean energy, that cause no or the least pollution. Pollution has a major hand in degrading the quality of our precious Earth. he also want to work on new designs for various types of aircraft, improving the overall performance and maneuvering . Last year ,he built a scaled model of the De-Havilland 110 Sea Vixen. This year, he designed and manufactured a scaled model of a supersonic private jet that he designed him self. For his  physics personal investigation he designed and built a setup to investigate the parameters that affect lift. Since his  school does not own a wind tunnel, he built one his self. As you already know, these are things people do in universities, but his  curiosity couldn't wait any longer. He won a few awards in school, one of which was to build a model aircraft that has the features to be airborne. He did this as a team of 3, and used remote controllers. He was keen enough to do an online course last year, “Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering” from the TU Delft X (edx website).heam currently reading the book “Flight without Formula” and “mechanics of Flight” be AC Kermode.


he believe that he got this far, because he sent an email to the CEO of Dynamatic Technologies in 2015, telling him about his self. He offered him an internship in his company, where he learnt how a company operates, how aircraft parts and designed and manufactured, and built   some of  them him self! Some of the aircraft included the Sukhoi 30 MKI, Airbus A321, Boeing P-8, and the Boeing Chinook. As a result, he was sponsored by his friend to Charterhouse. In April 2016,he joined one of the worldwide winner of the Google Lunar X Prize, Team Indus. They will sending a "moon bot" to the moon in September 2017.hebecahim one of their youngest brand ambassadors, and he is hoping to work with them before they send it off. During the summer holidays ,he attended the International Conference on Energizing Indian Aerospace, where he met people from Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Airbus.he Is also planning to work with either Lockheed Martin or Boeing after his  exams, during the coming summer holidays.


Before finding his deep passion in aircraft, he used to be a “YouTuber”, making unboxings, reviews and videos about different types of Rubik’s Cubes. In 2011,he was hospitalized and had a surgery in his  right thigh. Lying there immobile, the only thing   had to occupy him was a Rubik's Cube. That is where it all started. H elearned how to solve the cube in under an hour, and soon after that he was gifted a 4x4 Rubik’s Cube, which was something he had  no idea existed ! he then started making videos, reviewing cheap store bought cube .he attended a competition in IIT Delhi, where he met many people with the same interests .he then became a part of the World Cube Association. His  YouTube channel grew bigger and bigger, and as a result, manufacturers from Hong Kong sponsored him. They sent him their puzzles and he, in return used to review those and promote their store .he also used to modify existing puzzles to make them smoother and better for competition purposes, and other puzzles for a bigger challenge. This, he sold worldwide through a cube store in India.


He also enjoy writing rap music, and now he is planning to make a YouTube channel where he will make military aircraft documentaries. In 2014 ,he designed a doodle for Google for women’s day .he was also the main voice actor for a short environment  based animated film called “Bhatana”, which won the “Best Animation Film” Award in the International Film Festival 2013.



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